Giordano: tradition and innovation in craftsmanship

Italian Artisan, in collaboration with The Dummy’s Tales, visited a place where nothing is overlooked – not even the smallest, seemingly insignificant, detail. Enter the world of Giordano.

Craftsmanship: the symbol of Italian excellence

A craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation for over 30 years, with dedication, as the expertise of making things by hand was an art. A product completely designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy, with a severe control over the whole production chain, which over time has succeeded in combining a rich manufacturing tradition with innovation and technological advancement, and has resulted in a symbol of Italian excellence.

Giordano interviewed by Italian Artisan

Giordano’s Family Heritage

At the centre of everything is the figure of my dad, Gianfranco Martinelli, a man of great entrepreneurial spirit.
He started as a cutter in a shoe company, but soon he became a kids shoes manufacturer himself. Moved by the intuition that the stock market would soon take off, he courageously engaged in a new adventure. Our story begins in 1975 with my name, Giordano, to celebrate both my birth, and the birth of the family business.

Giordano is a bag producer and artisan from Italy

Timeless Elegance

Ever since the early ’80s, our sober and sophisticated elegance remains popular in some of the most important Italian shop chains, and thanks to the widespread diffusion in tourist sites, it becomes highly attractive to foreign customers. It is the beauty of things done with care and attention, where nothing is overlooked, not even the smallest, seemingly insignificant, detail; the beauty of things that last over time, beyond the seasonal trends and fads.

The beauty of things that do not stop learning from the past, while moving forward into the future. This approach continues especially since the young generation, Gianfranco’s children Giordano and Mery, have taken the reins and continued with a new impetus, to defend the values of Made in Italy despite the imposed challenges of globalization.

Giordano manufacturing interviewed by Italian Artisan

What is Giordano’s secret to success?

The quality of the leather, the manufacturing techniques, the specialized manpower we employ,
the constant search for new materials and prints, and the careful attention to the customer needs
and desires. These are the values we cannot part from, essential characteristics on which our
successful story is based.



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