How to create the perfect lookbook

How to create the perfect lookbook by Zara

Over 50% marketers say photography is crucial to their marketing and storytelling strategies. We will show you techniques you could use to provide customers rich, engaging, and inspirational visual experience.

What do you sell – a piece of clothing or a lifestyle? If you could choose one of the two, you would probably go with the second option – a lifestyle. You want to create the emotional connection with your customers by portraying a certain image and feel related to your product offering. Further, you want to show them how you empower, inspire, and enrich their lives. Lookbooks can make your strategy more interesting and engaging by eliminating endless product display with no connection to real life. Creating a lookbook that will trigger customers’ interest and make them buy your product could be challenging, so we explored strategies you could employ in order to make the most out of it.

What is a lookbook?

Lookbook is a print or digital collection of photos or videos used for product display. If done right, lookbook can be rich and engaging customer experience. It will not only guide customers through your product offering, but also give them inspiration and a chance to relate to you. Lookbooks are mostly categorized by season: spring/summer, fall/winter, pre-fall, and resort.

Lookbook content allocation

It is important that lookbook remains consistent with the brand image. You want it to set the tone of your brand’s voice, so customers can immediately recognize who is it for. When it comes to aesthetics, you want to keep it simple and cohesive –  without too many visual or text distractions. Additionally, lookbook content should have a logical flow in order to tell a story. The elements to include in your lookbook are as follows:

Cover page

Sets the tone of your campaign and informs customers on the title and season of your collection

How to create the perfect lookbook Zara
Source: Zara

Single model picture

Showcases multiple products from your collection on one model

How to create the perfect lookbook by Zara
Source: Zara

Product focused picture

Highlights your product by showing how to use them

How to create the perfect lookbook by Zara
Source: Zara

Group picture

Helps representing the products in a relatable way

How to create the perfect lookbook
Source: Zara

Aditionally, you can be creative and add product descriptions, with minimum text (30-60 words), following and supporting the story. Don’t forget to add contact details, including email sign-up form and links to social media.

For more inspiration, here is an example of attractive, interesting, and engaging lookbook campaign by Gucci.

Lookbook purpose

Lookbooks are a real-life representation of your collections. They provide customers ‘how-to-wear’ guide by showing them how individual pieces work together. Additionally, they set the tone of collection, and ultimately, represent your brand voice.


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