Midnight Over My Action: enter a dream factory

Midnight Over My Action by Italian Artisan

Italian Artisan, in collaboration with The Dummy’s Tales, visited Midnight Over My Action – a place where craftsmen give a shape to a dream.

When a vision becomes real

Inside a dream factory, in a breeding ground of ideas and love for their homeland, for those hills in Le Marche where even noises, the colour of rust, or the smell of moss have a shape. This is where Midnight Over My Action, or MOMA, is born, not in an artisan workshop, but in those suggestions that become tangible, truer than reality, thanks to Gigio and Daniele Gironacci and the work of all the craftsmen, artists, workers and designers who everyday, for the past twenty-five years have given shape to a vision.

Tradition meets innovative experimentation

Midnight Over My Action is a fictional boundary between manufacturing, tradition and innovative experimentation. A process of becoming, a fluid contour that speaks of evolution which carries the richness of Italian craftsmanship – like the one of skilled peasants, its poetry, imperfection, uniqueness, toward a new future.

“It was 1992 and we were just two guys who did not know anything about shoes. But we had a dream and a strong will, and we wanted to give shape to that dream at all cost. It was indeed the shape of a shoe: worn, ruined, vintage – as we would say now. It was risky, because only by risking our project could be fulfilled, but we have achieved great results, and have seen the company grow over the years by honouring the values ​​of Made in Italy and spreading them around the world. That’s how Midnight Over My Action, or MOMA, as we called it, was born.”

Shoes with identity

Used and dirty, aged and worn. Like wrinkles that creak a face or lines that mark a hand. As life itself, with that same emotion that transforms a shoe into a product with a specific identity and a well-defined story revealed in irregular surfaces, in the color mix, in the fact that things are always and never the same. A beauty that owes to the importance of craftsmanship, and with courage claims the prestige of doing so in a world so arid of feelings and filled with numbers that hardly exalts individuality and so easily speaks the language of homologation.

“We continue to do what we like, and what we like is not what the market wants. We are still a company that works following the rules of the heart , not the rules of business. It’s different when you do something with your heart because it lasts over time  not just for the time of a season. It lasts for a lifetime.”

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