Milan and the Lombardy fashion district

Milan and the Lombardy fashion district

Discover Milan and the vibrant heart of fashion in the worldwide famous Lombardy district.

At the end of the Nineteenth century, fashion did not exist: there were only individual tailors, who made bespoke suits. Everything started in the early ‘900, when we first began assisting the consecration of fashion and when the first Milanese boutiques opened to the public, presenting their creations.
After the war, Italy opened up to accommodate the fashion universe, with creativity and good taste: Milan became the starting point, focusing on garments made with quality fabrics, traditional and innovative designs at the same timeIt was with the boom of cinema in the 50s, that Americans turned to Italian designers to create fashion for Hollywood stars. Italy, thanks to Milan and its fashion showcase, opens up to compete with other countries such as France and its Parisian fashion.
It is around ‘68 that we see a shift in the fashion industry: women start to express their youth, the desire for freedom and independence, by wearing miniskirts. Styles, tastes and modernity is offset and complement each other, creating a universe of creativity, class, sophistication, that only the heart of the lombardy fashion district can grow and mutate, constantly changing fashion trends.
From here the concept of Made in Italy is born. It is precisely in Milan where we witness the advent of great designers who, with their creativeness, made history, leaving their mark on the italian runways, thus gaining international markets. The Made in Italy, fruit of culture, art, manufacturing skills, craftsmanship, with its prints, exclusive fabrics, managed to identify itself in a unique way, achieving excellence in the fashion industry.

Milan: world capital of fashion

Milan, the fashion capital of the world, holds the record of international fashion trends of the momentIn the fashion district, strategic point of the city centre, we find the four most famous avenues, which have the best boutiques: Via Montenapoleone, Via Manzoni, Via della Spiga and Corso Venezia. Twice a year in this city the fashion week” is held: it is cut-throat competition competing with cities such as New York, Paris, London.

Big brands, such as Valentino, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Trussardi are concentrated in the heart of Milan, and spotlights of the world are focused on the catwalks in Milan, where the presentation of new collections,  launch the new trends, in clothing and accessories. Milan, a strategic point of Italian fashion in the world, expands its market globally, reaching, with its exports, even countries like China and Russia.
Although Milan boasts the excellence of fashion, unique and inimitable Italian stylewhich is part of fashion and luxury, it must fight with Paris and New York to maintain and carry forward its primacy, conquered with hard work and commitment. The major fashion designers, representatives of milanese fashion, are constantly looking for technical fabrics and innovative, modern and appealing styles, composing pieces worthy of the catwalks worldwide. The most important fashion critics have rated favorably Milan’s creations this year. They enjoyed the eccentricity of the heads, the way they interpreted the real world inspired by the past: Milan, fashion lab, has been able to open up to the concept of ‘beautiful’, making history and continuing to renew itself in time, becoming an example for the international market.


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